Hi! My name is Arseny.

I live in Lviv, Ukraine. Do you also live in Lviv, or do you plan to visit Lviv? Let’s hang out!

I have 17 years of professional experience in software development. I write code in Python, and also I have done management work on several projects. As a CTO at a startup, I have organised work of an R&D team to develop and successfully launch a product in 7 months.

I also enjoy mentoring developers and teaching people to code.

Do you speak Ukrainian? I’ve made some short videos about Ukrainian, you can watch them on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

In 2023, I launched Available IT Experts, a site where IT experts can publish their data, to make it easier for recruiters to find candidates.

I am a huge coffee lover. I usually brew pour-over coffee at home, with a V60 brewer. I also got two gooseneck kettles and two grinders. I like to try different speciality coffee from different countries, mostly African coffee. I order from local coffee roasters, there are fantastic coffee roasters in Ukraine: Foundation, Funt Kavy, Bacara, Mad Heads, and Penyora, just to name a few.

I also like wine and beer. I am very happy that I have discovered some amazing Ukrainian wineries. Most of these wines are not widely available in supermarkets, but you can order online. There are red, pink, white and orange wines. Many taste really great.

I like music a lot, and listen to many different styles. I also played the guitar and piano. Right now I don’t play much, but probably will play piano again soon.

I play chess. Right now mostly online, but I really enjoy playing with people when you meet.

When I have time, I also volunteer. I try to help to promote fundraisers for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and sometimes engage in other activities. For example, I was weaving camouflage nets, and helped my friends, who are volunteers, to transport pickups.

If we have common interests or you just want to talk, please drop me a message.